Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where do I use Frameboots?
Answer: Originally they were designed for garage door openings, but they are perfect for protecting the bottom frame at any window/door opening going to the floor. 

Question: When do I fit Frameboots?
Answer: The Frameboot is best fitted when you stand your frames, and before trusses are stood as the weight of the trusses and roof structure make it almost impossible to fit afterwards. Place under frame opening and tack in place.  It does mean cutting the bottom plates out early but it is so easy at this point.

Question: Does Frameboot come in larger sizes?
Answer: Yes, Frameboot comes in 140mm as well to suit the larger frame.

Question: Do I have to buy a houselot?
Answer: No, you can just buy a pair if you want. Ask your prenailer to supply them to you.

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